Our Mission

The Aging and Disability Foundation's core mission is to provide affordable housing for seniors and persons who are physically disabled. Providing housing and supportive services are the platform for supporting residents in maintaining their independence and self determination in a clean, safe and attractive environment.

The Aging and Disability Foundation was founded in April 2011 for the purpose of addressing the needs of persons living with physical/mental disabilities along with their aging parents. At no time in our society has the number of our target population been as high and destined to climb. It is our core mission to provide affordable housing and services that meet the special needs of Illinois senior citizens, veterans and persons with disabilities.

The legal formation of the Aging and Disability Foundation began in April 2011. The fiscal year is from May 1st to April 30th of the following year. Since the inception the foundation has legal status as a public charity 501(c)(3) 170(b) with the Internal Revenue Service, approval from the Illinois Attorney General to conduct fundraising activities and pending approval of legal standing as a non profit organization in Illinois. The Aging and Disability Foundation is comprised of a Board of Directors and Advisory Council. The Board of Directors brings together the talents of financial management, real estate, project management, medical expertise with disabled populations, spiritual care and legal talents. The Advisory Council brings together the community of persons served as well as volunteers and other interested parties. The Board of Directors with assistance from the Advisory Council spent six months engaging in strategic planning to vision out our activities and accomplishments for the period of 2012-2015. We are currently in phase one of our plan which is serving U.S. military veterans who are in need of permanent supportive housing as we work with the Veteran's Administration and local HUD Continuums of Care.

In May 2012, ADF was gifted foreclosed properties for productive use. To date we have acquired eight properties principally for housing veterans who have disabilities. The properties are in need of minor to major rehabilitation (primarily indoors) in order to become part of the housing stock available in Chicago, Cook, Winnebago, Will and Lake Counties. Our program operates differently from conventional housing programs. While the multi family properties are reserved for permanent supportive congregate housing for singles and transitional family housing, the single family homes have a buy option for our program clients after two years of occupancy for the cost of the rehabilitation through FHA and VA financing. The monies from the sale are reinvested into the foundation to cover program costs, future acquisitions and operating costs. ADF has designed this program with two thoughts in mind. The first being that stable housing allows our program participants to develop and maintain economic and family stability whereby after two years the housing may be purchased and thereby returned to the local tax roles with the goal that self sufficiency and community integration is being achieved. This program is innovative in thought because we as a foundation know that the nature of human beings is to be self sufficient and productive. We know that life experiences can be very challenging but the root goal is that our clients develop and enjoy a productive lifestyle that they can pass on. Aging and Disability Foundation works closely with the Cook County Alliance to End Homelessness, the Veterans Administration and the Chicago Alliance to End Homelessness. Our strategic plan for 2013 includes applying for long term funding from the Chicago Low Income Trust Fund, Illinois Housing Development Authority, Illinois Facilities Fund and private foundations.

We are asking that you consider the following pages that detail the rehabilitative needs of two of these properties. We respectfully ask for a donation between $1,000 to $10,000 in order to make these properties code compliant for approximately 14 single veterans or who are homeless to benefit from permanent supportive housing. As the winter approaches it is imperative that Aging and Disability Foundation work expediently to bring these properties online to be available to those who have served our country and are in need of a helping hand. If you choose to make a donation, ADF will acknowledge such with a press release to the northern Illinois news outlets as well as on our web site. Additionally ADF will install a plaque acknowledging your foundation donation over $5,000 on the exterior our congregate facility.

Thank you for your consideration and if you have any questions you may contact me directly at 847-261-9777.


Robin Schubitz
Aging and Disability Foundation

Aging and Disability Foundation 2012-2013 Board of Directors

Robin Schubitz (President), Schubitz Investment Company, Managing Real Estate Broker
Paul J Hoffman (Treasurer), Independent Certified Public Accountant
Dawn Butler (Secretary), Director of Sales, Wavan Associates
Jerome A. Mortenson (Director), Belcan Technical Services Engineer
Sukanya K. Reddy MD (Director), Elk Grove Family Clinic
David McGowan (Director), Vice President, Inland Real Estate School
Kathleen Grace, Commercial Model and Fundraiser
Jim Heffern (Director), Retired President Genetron, Inc.

Aging and Disability Foundation 2012-2013 Advisory Council

Tyrone Marshall, M.Ed., Independent Consultant
Carolyn L Smith, M.Ed., President, The Technologist, Inc.
Alex Carroo, Student
Paul Schubitz, Survivor Multiple Sclerosis
Phillip Schubitz, Honorable U.S. Military Veteran
Mario Milton, Honorable U.S. Military Veteran

Our Strategic Plan