Our Projects


Our most recent project was completed recently when our Veteran Family of 9 being homeless for several months finally are housed and living in our Marengo home with a housing voucher from HUD.

In our program we help our veterans sustain on their own and hopes to a dream of homeownership.

A program that works for Aging and Disability Foundation in that the veteran is leasing and thereby working to own his home. We work in collaboration with other agencies and it is our mission to help people move to the American dream.

VASH stands for Veterans Administration Supportive Housing. Eligible veterans are homeless and are housed under the "housing first" model which is predicated by accepting the vet no matter their sobriety, mental or health condition and continuing to house them with their problems as they hopefully participate in program services that will increase their stability through sobriety that will help them since we do not provide these services, support, life skills and medical support.

We are agreeing to hang in there with them no matter what because the goal is that they be permanently housed no matter what even if it takes 10 years to stabilize them.




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