Our Inspirations

We live in a society where most often people are viewed for what they cannot do as opposed to who they are on the inside and what they bring to the world. Here are a few people among many who inspire us in our mission:

Write it Down!
Harriet was afflicted with diphtheria that resulted in profound deafness by age 50. But that is not her story. She was a mother, journalist, advocate and writer. While not versed in sign language, she insisted that those around her write down what they were speaking about. This in turn supported her communication skills. She wrote for newspapers and even to then President Ronald Reagan garnering a written reply. Her disability called deafness was a great asset while visiting local casinos in Las Vegas. You see she had no noisy distractions!

It's My Life and I'm Sticking to it!
Paul was born with cerebral palsy and expected to live only to age 5. He has followed his life intentions by always encouraging those around him with laughter and humor. Recently taken to a wheel chair, he maintains his love of baseball, family and traveling. His disability called cerebral palsy is a great asset called my body is not me, I am!

I Wear A Size 8 But Can Fit Into a 7!
Beverly was a senior citizen, homeless on the streets of Chicago. When asked what help she needed she wanted a new pair of tennis shoes to walk in because her shoes were cut open exposing feet with several amputated toes. She piped up “I wear a size 8 but I can fit into a size 7!” While not wanting to go to a shelter or hospital to find warmth out of fear of how she would be treated, her circumstance called homelessness is a great asset to maintain the independence of her choices!