Welcome to Aging and Disability Foundation

The Aging and Disability Foundation was founded in April 2011 for the purpose of addressing the needs of persons living with physical/mental disabilities along with their aging parents. At no time in our society has the number of our target population been as high and destined to climb. The advent of modern medical technology, the closings of institutional facilities, the number of aged parents with disabled children and shrinking income as the numbers reflect a growing population that needs adequate living facilities that are delivered with care and compassion. Out of our own personal experiences with family, neighbors and the community Aging and Disability Foundation seeks to become a model living facility that is dedicated to keep aging families in tact considering this growing need. It is our core mission to provide affordable housing and services that meet the special needs of Illinois senior citizens, veterans and persons with disabilities.

The legal formation of the Aging and Disability Foundation began in April 2011. The fiscal year is from May 1st to April 30th of the following year. Since the inception the foundation has legal status as a public charity 501(c)(3) 170(b) with the Internal Revenue Service, legal standing as a non profit organization in Illinois and approval from the Illinois Attorney General to conduct fundraising activities. The Aging and Disability Foundation is comprised of a Board of Directors and Advisory Council. The Board of Directors brings together the talents of financial management, real estate, project management, medical experience with disabled populations, spiritual care and legal talents.

The Aging and Disability Foundation has three core programs within its strategic plan:

1. Let's Stay Put Program: ADF assists seniors and persons with disabilities by retrofitting the bathroom and kitchen with assistive devices at low to no cost in order that clients may continue to live in their current homes.
2. Veterans, this is Your Home Program will provide affordable and subsidized housing to veterans and their immediate family.
3. Hope Homes will provide 100 units of housing particularly focusing on seniors and their adult children with disabilities.